International long distance calls move to mobile

crystal20globeThanks to the rising number of mobile phones around the world — and likely a loss of fixed lines — the number of international calls made to cell phones has reached about 45 percent of all international phone calls, according to research firm TeleGeography

Amidst relentless pressure on prices and a growing array of international communications services, international voice traffic continues to grow. According to new data from the annual TeleGeography study of the international voice market, international voice traffic reached 343 billion minutes in 2007, and is projected to reach 385 billion minutes in 2008.

Mobile phones have been a key driver of growth, due to subscriber growth in developing countries and the recent emergence of low-cost international mobile calling plans. In 2007, nearly one-third of international calls were placed from mobile phones, and 45% of international calls were terminated on mobiles. Current trends suggest that by 2009, more international calls will be made to mobile phones than to fixed lines.












However, this does not neccessarily mean huge associated growth in revenues for mobile carriers, much of this traffic is being generated via VoIP clients, such as those produced by Truphone & Skype.  Truphone in particular is one  of the market innovators in this area, supporting Nokia, Blackberry & iPhone via their WiFi interfaces & in the latest addition to the stable the iPod Touch.

CEO Geraldine Wilson says “No-one likes big mobile bills, and they don’t come any bigger than for international calls” said Geraldine Wilson, Truphone’s new CEO.  “But for iPhone users, that no longer needs to be the case.  They can choose either to pay standard international call rates, or to reduce them to as little as 3 pence or 6 cents per minute.  It’s as simple as that, no catches.”


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